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Ready To Mercury Retrograde 2019 a Little Differently?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Mercury retrograde is here and the only way around it is through!

Most of us hear retrograde and get a little nervous, but, the truth is, Mercury retrograde can be totally navigable!

It gives me so much peace of mind and WAYYY more chill to know the meaning of Mercury retrograde, when it’s coming and how long it will last!

A planet goes retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards in the sky. 🌌

Planets don’t actually physically start moving backwards! This is all an optical illusion as Mercury is actually just moving slower than the Earth. Retrogrades are known to influence what most have heard or assume to be “negative” effects.

It’s sometimes very easy to lean into and blame the chaos that Mercury in retrograde seems to cause. 😡 That is, if you’re not ready for it or it catches you off guard!

Let’s make sure you’re prepared for this 2019 retrograde period with a little more background on Mercury!

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, teaching, learning, processing information and also indicates how we best learn and analyze information. She is the mind’s planet, because of that, it can feel like these things are blocked or especially difficult during a retrograde.

You may run into scheduling problems, miscommunications at work, travel or work delays, misunderstandings or even disagreements with the people and situations around you. Your mind might feel a little foggy some days and it may feel like an uphill battle trying to think or process through things.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo

During this period, Mercury retrograde is happening in Leo. This transit will ask us to take advantage of Leo’s assertion, power and playfulness and utilize these attributes in being bold!

Now is the time to commit to and finish a project you’ve had on the back burner with some carefully considered action. Use your voice and call out a truth that’s no longer working for you.

Give love and time to something or someone you’ve maybe been neglecting. Practice giving those around you unconditional love and assume the best in them rather than being distracted by the worst. Enjoy yourself and do your best to get a little sun on your face each day!

(Leo’s ruled by the sun!)

But if you want to take away the chaos and fear, try utilizing Mercury retrograde as a time to practice…


Not everything has to happen fast or immediately. Rest in the knowledge that good things take time. Practice patience!

(This is also seconded by Cancer season, lasting about two more weeks! Cancer season is our time to go with the flow rather than fight the current or swim upstream!)

✨ Be Considerate and Intentional

Apply this to your actions, your time or your focus. How can you create space to really focus on each thing you are doing, giving it your full attention in each moment you spend with it?

✨ Create More Mindfulness and Engage in Mindful Action

What is it you truly want to be giving time and attention to? Get clear about it and take steps toward it in this supported time! Cancer Season is helping to connect you to your heart, so know that actions and impulses gathered here will be heart-centered and heart led!

✨ Be More Present

Take chances to jump into your conscious mind and be fully present! It’s so easy for us to get lost on auto-pilot and just run through the motions. Before you do something carefully calculate like a lion would, keep an eye on your desire as you stalk it with careful steps.

✨ Mindfully and meaningfully engage with others

This is a wonderful time to deeply connect with others. Send support to those you love and care about and be open to receive support in the way others want to give it back to you.

For people like me who have a large Mercury presence in their birth chart (Mercury is my planetary ruler) this retrograde from July 7th- August 2nd might be especially noticeable or heavy for you. Don’t worry though! 😘 You just get some extra practice in the above.👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽

Want to know how this Mercury retrograde in 2019 affects you directly? Do not hesitate to reach out HERE! ❤️✨💫💛🤗

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