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On Halloween Mercury Goes Retrograde: Here’s What You Can Expect!

Mercury retrograde is upon us again!

Beginning on Thursday, October 31st, 2019, Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio until November 20th, 2019.

Most of us hear retrograde and begin to shut down inside, but, the truth is, Mercury retrograde can be totally navigable!

Your key to retrogrades is knowing when they are happening, how long they happen for and some of the things to expect!

Every trail needs a trail map and mercury in retrograde is no different! You can absolutely hike with no map and explore as you go, but it can be so nice to have an idea of the way! Especially when we’re talking about a map to mercury retrogrades!

Let’s talk about the science of a retrograde...

A planet goes retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards in the sky.

Planets don’t actually physically start moving backwards though, as this is all just an optical illusion! Mercury is actually just moving slower than the Earth. But to us it seems as though a planet that is normally chugging along, making its way forward in the world, suddenly starts moving in the complete opposite direction. Now wether you believe that retrogrades are divinely guided or just happen for no reason, it’s nice to know what everyone’s talking about when you hear of the coming retrograde.

Retrogrades are known to influence what most have heard or assume to be “negative” effects. And its really easy to chalk everything not going right in your life up to that darn retrograde! It becomes very easy to lean into and blame the chaos that Mercury in retrograde seems to cause and don’t get me wrong, it does make things a little tougher. That is, if you’re not ready for it or it catches you off guard!

Let’s make sure you’re prepared for this 2019 retrograde period with a little more background on Mercury!

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, teaching, learning, processing information and also indicates how we best learn and analyze information. She is the mind’s planet, because of that, it can feel like these things are blocked or especially difficult during a retrograde.

You may run into scheduling problems, miscommunications at work, travel or work delays, misunderstandings or even disagreements with the people and situations around you. You may want to put big launches, purchases and decisions on hold during this time or at least give them some extra, careful thought! Your mind might feel a little foggy some days and it may feel like an uphill battle trying to think or process through things.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

This retrograde takes place in the mysterious and intense sign of Scorpio. It’s time to get to the bottom of things that have been hidden and voice the things you’ve maybe been too afraid to. This retrograde encourages us to go within and explore ourselves both mentally and emotionally, and to notice how our deepest and most private self feels. What’s going on internally for you right now that you may not be acknowledging or trying to muscle through with your mind? Our emotional landscape needs some acknowledgment and care during this period! Give your true feelings some space to come through!

It’s also a good time to observe how we communicate our true self and our truth to others. When we have parts of ourselves or things we are hiding, it blocks us from being our truest, most authentic selves! Don’t be afraid to go into those deep dark parts of yourself and shine a light! It’s all just making space for your truth to shine through with less effort!

Want to take away some of the chaos and fear and craziness of this retrograde? It’s your response to mercury in retrograde that sets the tone.

Try utilizing Mercury retrograde as a time to practice:

✨ Self Love

Nurture. Your. Self.

Emotional work is hard and can be taxing on the body as we work to sort and expel the things that are no longer serving us. Give yourself the time you need to rest, eat, or even shower. Show yourself love, grace and care as you experience retrogrades lessons. Treat yourself the way you’d treat your lover after a hard day. Don’t let the heavy emotions get to you and convince you that you don’t deserve to take care of yourself and your body. Run a warm bath after a big cry, give yourself an hour to watch something with no interruptions after it’s been a day, hug yourself after getting upset.

✨ Self Reflection

Whether you already journal or are just starting, I encourage you to use your words over the next few weeks to reflect on how you’re feeling. I know some of us out there are not big journalers but putting your thoughts and feelings into words can be so helpful to your own understanding of what you’re experiencing!

Some questions that might help guide you:

How am I feeling?

How/what does the best version of me want to feel each day?

What do I experience in my body when I feel sad, happy, mad, etc...?

What do I experience in my mind when I feel sad, happy, mad, etc...?

What do I experience in my heart when I feel sad, happy, mad, etc...?

What areas have you grown in and become big?

What areas have you been afraid in and become small?

✨ Explore Healthy Ways to Express and Deal With Emotion

Use this retrograde to explore how you respond emotionally to different things. Without judgment (I know this is hard to do), notice if your reactions are serving or hindering you. Maybe the best thing to do when your mad isn’t to stew passive aggressively, but instead go on a quick 5 minute run. Maybe the best thing to do when your sad isn’t to eat something, but to go for a walk and drink a bottle of water. It’s time to take note of the how you express and deal with emotion and explore new healthy ways where needed.

Want to know how this Mercury retrograde in 2019 affects you directly? Do not hesitate to reach out HERE! ❤️✨💫💛🤗

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