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Hello Virgo!

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Remember summer nights as a kid? The ones where the air was warm and all the kids in the neighborhood were out? There was a feeling of never wanting it to end, wanting the fun to last forever, just one more second, and then one more, and one more!

The transition from Leo season to Virgo season has begun!

Mom is calling us inside for dinner, it’s the last night of summer, and it’s time to get ready for school to start! While the transition into the back to school energy of Virgo can be both exhilarating and dreaded, structure beckons! It’s time to decide what we want to spend our time working on and devoting our energy to.

Virgo is all about developing skills and abilities through working on and improving ourselves and our environment.

Leo season called us home to our truth and share what we were discovering about ourselves. Now that we’ve shouted it from the rooftops, it’s important that we put it into practice in our own lives!

The transition from Leo season into Virgo can be jarring and uncomfortable at first! If structure or schedules aren’t really your thing, sticking to them can be hard! Don’t beat yourself up too much! Just use this time to practice showing up for yourself and create some discipline around something that is important to you!

A great place to start is daily, actionable to-do lists. It feels good to check things off each day and helps to keep you organized and accountable. Notice if you are creating unachievable lists or too many to-dos. You are a human being not a human doing! Make adjustments that work for you and don’t compare yourself or your way to others. You do you boo!

Leo was playful, sexy, powerful, strong, fiery, and loud. It included some intense creative time. We began or reinforced our connection with our passions, our purpose, and our power. We spent time in the summer sun. We took more naps. We discovered and maybe even shared a truth or two we recently discovered about ourselves.

So what did Leo season teach us?

Leo taught us that with great inspiration comes a great need for rest and recuperation.

Leo taught us that there are good people all around, waiting to connect with us. We just have to reach out.

Leo season taught us to be bold, to say what’s on our hearts and minds, and to do it all with love.

Leo season taught us that creativity lives uniquely within all of us.

The transition from Leo to Virgo feels a lot like playtime being over. The adjustment from the wonderfully lax Leo to the structure of Virgo will take some getting used to but knowing it’s coming can help you better prepare!

Virgo season energy starts kicking in fully today August 23rd, 2019.

Say hello to structure and checking things off your list! It’s time to focus on some goals and create small steps for yourself to make it happen.

The top things to focus on this season are:

Organization- Find a system that works for you. This might look like a new workout routine, a work schedule to create a little more productivity, organization around physical clutter in your home space or even trying out a new calendar or planner! Virgo wants to help you put things in order and although schedules may not be your thing, observe how you could benefit from a little structure!

Structure- Create routines and patterns that help you achieve your goals step by achievable step. By creating opportunities for yourself to spend time doing things that guide you toward the life you want, you can begin to put the truths that you discovered in Leo season into rooted action!

Helpfulness- Notice how you can help and be of service to others! Leo season was about being the star of the show! Virgo energy is happy to be a hard worker behind the scenes while still getting genuine heartfelt recognition for a job well done!

Improving- What might benefit from some gentle and mindful improvement in your life? What skill have you been wanting to deepen? What aspects of your life might improve with a little organization? How can you neaten, organize, and spiff up your home space? How can you better your connection with others? Virgo season prompts us to ask how we can improve ourselves and the world around us without judgement! What would you like to set your effort on improving this season!

Nurturing- How can you create time to take care of yourself and, if you have the time and capacity, others? While buckling down and getting to work is the name of the game this season, we’ve got to create that balance between the masculine (work) and the feminine (chill). Virgo is a feminine sign and asks us to honor the work we do by being present and engaged in the process of step by step to achieve something!

Analyzing- This is a great time to take stock of where you are in your life. You could narrow it down to different areas of your life like your work, your relationships, your relationship with your body, mind and soul, your relationship with nature, etc. Take time to think about the things that are really important to you and take a moment to notice how you are showing up in each of these areas! Again, no judgement, this is just to help you better understand where mindful action is needed in your world right now!

What else is going on Astronomically?

Venus in Virgo

What this means: Venus (the planet of love, how and what we love, and are passionate about) in Virgo creates a desire to put in the work around relationships.

What this means during Virgo season: While Leo season brought out the passion in our relationships (platonic, familial, or romantic!), Virgo season wants us to back up all the heartfelt expression of Leo season with actions!

Mars in Virgo

What this means: Mars (the planet of how we assert ourselves and take action around our goals) in Virgo encourages us to assert ourselves by organizing and showing up consistently. Leo season was all about big, heartfelt action. Now is the time for organization and planned action.

What this means during Virgo season: Channel your energy into the things you’ve planned for yourself. Structure is really going to help you out, from planned downtime to no excuses on your new healthy eating intentions! Show yourself the love to stick to it!

Mercury in Leo

What this means: Mercury (the planet of the mind, thinking, and communication) is in Leo, creating positive and excitable energy around communicating the inner truths you've been discovering over the last few months!

What this means during Virgo season: What ways have you used to embark on your self discovery journey lately? What have you been going through? Continue to share where you’ve been as you also share where you’re going!

Jupiter in Sagittarius

What this means: Jupiter (the planet of growth and expansion) is in Sagittarius reminding us to keep expanding what’s possible!

What this means during Virgo season: Create actionable steps to bring yourself closer to your big picture goals during Virgo season.

Happy Virgo Season loves!

I hope it treats you as well as I know it’s going to treat me! ;)

Where my Virgos at?! 🙋‍♀️

If you would like to learn where the rest of the planets are and what this means for you personally, let’s chat!

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